How to Apply

*Important tips for successful application*

• Always clean nails with rubbing alcohol before application! To remove oils, lotions and debris from nail beds

Avoid immersing nail wraps in water for at least 3 hours after application! 
Hand washing is ok, but avoid doing dishes, cleaning or taking a shower. 
We suggest applying them before bed.

• Start applying wraps at pinky and work toward thumb.

• If wrap is covering skin or cuticle area, quickly peel off and re-adjust.
This can cause nail wraps to lift.

• Apply a high quality top coat for longer wear and to prevent chipping.
We recommend our Nail Fox Brilliant Shine Quick Dry Top Coat, formulated for nail wraps. No UV light needed!

Always apply top coat if applying sunscreen and swimming. It will prevent the nail wraps from breaking down and getting sticky.

• Don’t apply wraps when they are cold, warm them up to room temperature. Or you can use a hairdryer on warm setting quickly to make them warm, pliable and adhere better. You can also put them under your thigh to warm up.

• Avoid using lotion prior to applying, can cause wraps to not stick.

• Wraps last 7-10 days or longer. • To remove, simply peel off or use nail polish remover.